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Little Kids, Big Questions
is a series of 12 podcasts that translates the research of early childhood development into parenting practices that mothers, fathers and other caregivers can tailor to the needs of their own child and family. Click here to listen to or download the podcasts. This podcast series is generously funded by MetLife Foundation.

Tips and Tools On Child Care

PodcastSharing the Care: How Partnering with Your Child’s Caregiver Supports Healthy Development -In this podcast, Dr. Jerlean Daniel describes what quality child care looks like and how parents and child care providers can work together to share the care of young children. Learn More

What I Learned in Day Care - Zero to Three Journal essay by a father highlighting what he learned in his daughter’s daycare program. Read More

Twins in Child Care - Should my twins be in the same child care room, or two different rooms? Read More

Tips on Helping Prepare Babies for First Time with Babysitter - Tips on Helping Prepare Babies for First Time with Babysitter Read More

Thinking About Child Care As a Setting for the Prevention of Abuse and Neglect - Provides a short test of knowledge about the incidence of abuse and neglect with children under 3. Read More

The Future of Infant-Toddler Child Care - Ron Lally, co-director of the WestEd Center for Child and Family Studies, shares his thoughts about future directions in infant-toddler child care in this country. Read More

Starting Child Care - How can I prepare my one-year-old for child care? Read More

Socialization for Toddlers - Do you think child care or pre-school is necessary to help toddlers develop social skills? Read More

Redesigning Child Care - Identifies seven principles that can guide parents, program leaders and policymakers in reshaping child care. Read More

Primary Caregiving and Continuity of Care - Primary Caregiving and Continuity of Care Brief overview of the benefits of primary caregiving and continuity of care for quality for both children and staff. Read More

Preschool Prep: How to Prepare Your Toddler for Preschool - Learn what you can do to make this big transition to preschool easier for your child. You’ll find a timeline for all the things that need to be done to prepare for preschool and guidance on saying a “good good-bye” on your child’s first day. Read More

Parenting and Professionalism: The Myth of Having It All - Essay from the Zero to Three Journal recounting one mother’s decision to stay at home with her children. Read More

Matching Your Infant’s or Toddler’s Style to the Right Child Care Setting - Helps parents assess aspects of their young child’s temperament and provides recommendations for child care settings; also offers a healthy and safety checklist for child care settings. Read More

Love the Lovey? - Does my one-year-old need a special stuffed animal or blanket to help with the transition to child care? Read More

Finding Child Care - How do I start looking for child care? Read More

Family, Friend, and Neighbor Care (kith and kin) - Describes the context for this frequently used child-care arrangement for children under three. Read More

Early Language and Literacy Development - Guide to the importance of early care and educational settings that promote early literacy. Read More

Choosing Quality Child Care - Provides general guidelines on selecting an enriching and nurturing child care setting. Read More

Changing Practices In Early Childhood Programs - Describes specific strategies to help organizations, particularly infant-toddler programs, use professional development to institute sustained change. Read More

Caring for Infants and Toddlers in Groups - Zero to Three Journal article outlining the six key components of group caregiving settings for very young children. Read More



Caring for Infants and Toddlers in Groups
Read More
What I Learned in Day Care
Read More
Matching Your Infant’s or Toddler’s Style to the Right Child Care Setting
Read More
Choosing Quality Child Care
Read More

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