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The Growing Brain Basics Webinar Series

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Explore how the brain grows and develops from conception to 5 years old and how you can support healthy brain development during these years when the brain is the most plastic, or receptive to change.
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How babies’ brains grow in the context of relationships is one of the most important topics in early childhood development. Research on this topic is exploding, underscoring the need for early childhood professionals to learn about foundations of brain development and strategies to best support the growing brains of infants and young children. This series supports participants’ exploration of key concepts, research, and concrete strategies  from  ZERO TO THREE’s The Growing Brain: From Birth to 5 Years Old curriculum.

Participants will explore:

  • Brain Basics: how the brain grows and develops from conception to 5 years old and how to support healthy brain development
  • Cognitive Development: language and executive function and how these skills are heavily intertwined
  • Social-Emotional Development and Understanding Behavior: how relationships and attachment affect development and behavior
  • Everyday Play: how play builds children’s capacities in all areas of development

Price: $99 | Member Price:  $79

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