One ZTT Employee Giving

Thank you for all you do for babies and toddlers. You make a difference in the lives of our youngest!

2023 Goal

This year’s employee giving goal is $30,000. Check out the progress we’ve made together so far!

The work we do every day for ZERO TO THREE is a priceless gift to the larger mission and goals we all share.

The most impactful gifts to charities are often not so because of their dollar amount but rather the heart with which the gift is made. Thank you for everything you do for our organization.

We have a goal of raising $30,000 in this year’s employee giving campaign and you can take a look at the progress bar above to check our progress. 

I give because I trust my colleagues are making every dollar I donate have a bigger impact — because everyday I see the talent and care they bring to our shared work. Thank you for being you, and making it so easy to support ZTT.

We’re encouraging our colleagues to give by
offering a few fun incentives!

Give before November 17 to be entered to win a Harry & David gift basket.

Gift basket winner will be drawn during the Employee Giving Kickoff Party.

In addition to our basket giveaway, we’ll also be hosting a Heads or Tails game for a $100 Amazon gift card! Use this form to make your $10 buy-in

As a Thank You for “Making It Rain” during this year’s Employee Campaign, all participants will receive a ZTT-branded umbrella!

Ways to Give

  1. Paycheck deduction! The form to sign up for paycheck deduction is linked here.  
  2. Donate Online! Use the form to the left to make a gift with your credit or debit card. All gifts made via the online form will go directly to the employee giving campaign.
  3. Peer-to-Peer fundraiser! Click “Start a Fundraiser” and you can create your own custom fundraiser. Customize the campaign to your liking! You’ll receive a link to share, manage, and track your campaign. This is a super easy way to get involved in the campaign while encouraging your friends and family to contribute to ZTT. In fact, you could start your own campaign without ever pledging a dollar of your own money. Funds raised through your peer-to-peer fundraiser are automatically tracked to your name towards the Employee Giving Campaign.

Check out the peer-to-peer leaderboard below to see who’s crushing it!

If you have any questions about giving, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Greg Hollback ([email protected]).

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