Rebecca Shahmoon-Shanok

Rebecca Shahmoon-Shanok, LCSW, PhD, is the Founding Director, Institute for Infants, Children & Families, JBFCS, which reaches young, underserved children and their families with transdisciplinary, model services; post-degree training for providers of all disciplines and state-of-the-science consultation to government, systems and agencies; private practice, New York City. Dr. Shahmoon-Shanok is a Board Member of ZERO TO THREE.

Rebecca Shahmoon-Shanok

Founding Director, Institute for Infants, Children & Families, JBFCS

Contributions to the Field

A well-known clinician, teacher, and author in the parenting and pregnancy through preschool fields, Dr. Shahmoon-Shanok is among the pioneers of reflective supervision; of integrating mindfulness into the fields of early childhood mental health and care; of interweaving mental health services in community-based settings; and of training professionals across disciplines together since the late 1970s. With degrees and experience as a clinical psychologist, social worker, and early childhood educator, and extensive experience in psychoanalysis and the allied disciplines of occupational and speech-language therapy, Dr. Shahmoon-Shanok has developed a model which integrates mental health consultation plus a range of mental health services within child care and Head Start for 4 decades. Her expertise also includes both parent and dyadic development, assessment and intervention; Child-Parent Psychotherapy with developmentally and/or traumatically challenged young children and their parents; as well as peer play psychotherapy for a broad range of children with challenges.


  • Board Member, ZERO TO THREE
  • Founder, former co-president and Board Member, New York Zero-to-Three Network
  • Member, Harris Foundation’s Professional Development Network (PDN) where she is currently active on the Tenets for Diversity Committee
  • New York City’s Early Childhood Mental Health Advisory Group

Current Research

With partners at the Center for Attachment Research, New School for Social Research, Dr. Shahmoon-Shanok is investigating the effectiveness of peer play psychotherapy; the role of peers in the development of reflective functioning among children receiving peer play psychotherapy; as well as mental health screenings and services for children and parents embedded in preschools, especially child care and Head Start centers.