Transcultural Innovation (TI) Initiative

ZERO TO THREE’s Transcultural Innovation (TI) Initiative is an organization-wide effort to engage the larger community of early childhood professionals, policymakers, and families to share knowledge and practices that are inclusive of each and every infant and toddler.

ZERO TO THREE promotes and encourages the understanding that culture shapes and influences children’s early experiences, relationships, and all aspects of their development and learning. Early childhood is also a time when children develop a sense of who they are and the community they belong to. Within this construct, ZERO TO THREE is committed to developing and delivering culturally and linguistically competent services and products to meet the needs of children and families from diverse backgrounds across the globe.

The TI Initiative seeks to create a working culture that values and honors the strengths of all linguistically and culturally diverse families and communities and to identify ways to translate the science of early development into practical ways all our stakeholders can promote and nurture transcultural understanding and inclusion.

ZERO TO THREE believes that transcultural innovation work is possible through effective, sustainable, and working partnerships and welcomes collaborations at all levels—international, national, and local—to help bridge cultures.

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Ways to Connect With Us

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  3. Attend ZERO TO THREE’s Annual Conference (formerly known as the National Training Institute—NTI)set to take place December 7–9, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Presentations and workshops will be offered in both English and Spanish. Learn More.
  4. Visit the ZERO TO THREE offices in Washington, DC, and/or Los Angeles, California. We welcome the opportunity to engage with our stakeholders and can arrange meetings to find ways to create synergies. If you are interested in scheduling a visit or meeting, please contact