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2022 Giving Back, Going Forward Campaign

ZERO TO THREE Fellows Class

When you Give Back, the Academy of ZERO TO THREE Fellows utilizes your gifts to Go Forward by continuing to nurture our community, advance our vision, and support the missions of both the Academy and ZERO TO THREE. These efforts include the development and launch of the Fellows Community Platform as well as the continued (and expanded) grant opportunities through the Policy, Advocacy, and Research (PAR) Collaboration Award – efforts that promote and strengthen relationships and collaboration within the network of ZERO TO THREE Fellows. Here are some ways that your collective generosity has and will continue to support our network, our community, and our field:

  • Policy, Advocacy, and Research (PAR) Collaboration Award of up to $2,500 per grant, total of $10,000 per annual cycle
  • Learning Sessions that will feature Fellows to expand our learning experience and awareness of our impact
  • Scholarships for fellows to attend other conferences
  • Council Transition & Fellows Retreat

Your contribution Gives Back in support of the Academy’s vision for a thriving, relationship-based community of ZERO TO THREE Fellows to Go Forward to promote the well-being of infants, children, and families.

100% of your contributions will directly support the community building activities of the Academy of ZERO TO THREE Fellows.

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We need your support now more than ever to ensure all babies have access to the quality care, services and support they need to thrive.