Fatherhood Engagement Webinar Screenshot

Fatherhood Engagement Webinar Screenshot

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This presentation discusses findings from ZERO TO THREE’s parent research. Participants learn about what today’s fathers think, know, and want. The presentation also explores what support and information fathers need, how they want to receive it, and how best to engage them in conversations about nurturing their young children’s development.

## About Claire Lerner

Ms. Lerner is a licensed clinical social worker and child development specialist. She served as the Director of Parenting Resources at ZERO TO THREE for over 18 years, overseeing the development of all parenting content, print and digital. Recently she has taken on the position of Senior Parenting Advisor to focus on expanding the organization’s reach directly to parents. [Learn more.](https://www.zerotothree.org/our-team/claire-lerner)

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