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Centering Equity: Re-Imagining Family Engagement and Support

In this webinar, Dr. Pryce will discuss the historical underpinnings of the child welfare system and the evolution of child welfare policy.

The discussion will center equity in the pursuit of authentic family support by sharing power and establishing trust. She will present strategies to impact power dynamics within the child welfare system and ideas for facilitating goals that are driven by families. The webinar will also discuss workforce challenges and strategies on taking care of your child welfare teams so they can effectively take care of families in the community. This webinar will include live interactive polling.


  • Learn key child welfare historical events and policies
  • Identify 2-3 family engagement strategies
  • Learn how systems evolve and how to initiate revolutionary impact
  • Identify power dynamics that need transformation within child welfare
  • Understand the impact of the workforce challenges on family outcomes

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