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Comparing Apples and Oranges

Read more about activities that help young children with sorting objects. One activity is called Comparing Apples and Oranges.

Activity 13: Sorting objects


2 containers, 1 bag, and child-safe objects, such as apples and oranges

Try It Out:

  1. Place the 2 containers in front of your child. Put an apple in 1 and an orange in the other.
  2. Ask your child to reach into a large bag filled with apples and oranges and pull 1 out.
  3. Ask your child to say the name of the object. Then ask him to put the piece of fruit into the container with the same type of fruit.
  4. Have your child pull more apples and oranges out of the bag, 1 at a time, and sort each 1 into the correct container. If he struggles, say, “This is an apple like these apples, so it goes here.”

Making the Most of This Activity:

  1. Try this activity using different types of objects.
  2. Try using 3 different types of objects for sorting into 3 containers.
  3. Try the activity during mealtime with healthy snacks like cereal and small crackers. Or with 2 different kinds of berries—red and blue. You can also try it at the park and sort pebbles and leaves.


Was your child able to sort objects? If not, he may not be quite ready for this activity and you can try again later. You can help him learn about sorting by talking about how objects are the same or different.


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