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DC Makes Early Childhood Compensation Gains

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Last year, the Washington, DC City Council established the DC Early Childhood Educator Equitable Compensation Task Force in an effort to address the inadequate pay of the city’s child care providers. To get additional funds in the hands of workers quickly, in early January of this year, the task force proposed a two-track system for implementing equitable compensation. In 2022, DC child care staff will receive direct “supplemental” payments, recommended to range from $10,000 for assistant teachers to $14,000 to lead teachers in child care homes and centers. In subsequent years, funds will instead go to programs so they may increase the pay of their staff, allowing variations based on specific job titles, experience, and credentials. Funding for this program will come from a new tax increase on wealthy households in the District that is expected to provide almost $54 million in 2022.

This exciting progress is a result of ongoing work to fully implement the Birth-to-Three for All DC Act of 2018. Congratulations to the advocates and policymakers who continue to make progress on this visionary roadmap that will stabilize child care and improve access in our nation’s capital!


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