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Infusing Principles of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Into Community-Based Programs

The ZERO TO THREE Journal | Vol 41 No 1

Infant and early childhood mental health (IECMH) refers to the full continuum of services and supports that promote healthy child development, prevent mental health problems, and identify and treat mental health disorders. IECMH is often misunderstood to be relegated to the realm of mental health professionals, however, anyone who touches the life of a child has the potential to promote healthy social–emotional development and well-being. The articles in this issue of the ZERO TO THREE Journal describe the kinds of services and experiences that support IECMH in a variety of programs and settings across different populations. Undoubtably, the stressors of the current pandemic, with the associated health and economic devastation, bring a heightened sense of urgency to IECMH awareness, advocacy, and funding. The ZERO TO THREE website offers a wide range of resources to help in these efforts: (https://www.zerotothree.org/iecmh).

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Table of Contents

Pg 2—This Issue and Why It Matters

Pg 5—A Relationship-Based Approach to Professional Development in the Early Childhood Educational Setting: The Role of Relationships in Collaboration and Implementation

Pg 13—Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative: Hidden in Plain View

Pg 22—Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health-Informed Therapeutic Visitation: An Overview and Evaluation

Pg 31—The PROMISE of Perinatal Intervention for Mom-Baby Mental Health

Pg 38—Healing the Young Child by Helping the Caregiver: Implementing an Intergenerational Approach

Pg 45—Baby Leadership Learning Collaborative: Doing Better Together

Pg 53—You Matter: Promoting Professional Resilience During Collective Crisis


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