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Mindfulness Practices for Families

When parents and children are feeling big emotions, it’s good to find some calm. Simple mindfulness activities can help.

Mindfulness is noticing what’s going on outside—and inside—of us with acceptance and kindness. As mindful parents, we can be curious and open to understanding what our children are feeling and experiencing. The mindfulness exercises here are designed to help both parent and child experience a sense of calm connection.

Balloon Breath

Imagine a balloon above your head as you fill your lungs with air and slowly let it out.



Starfish Breathing

Help your little one trace their hand as a guide to deep breathing.



Calming Glitter Bottle

Create your own glitter bottle and enjoy the calm as you watch the glitter settle.



Five Senses Exercise

Use all your senses to focus on the present moment.



Pleasure Gazing

Take a few minutes to notice all the details of your child’s beautiful face.



Breathing with a Buddy

Rock a stuffed animal to sleep with some gentle belly breathing.


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