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Tennessee Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Policy Vignette

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Dozens of Stakeholders Work Together to Bring Attention to Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Financing

This policy vignette examines how dozens of stakeholders came together to advance both policy and practice changes related to infant and early childhood mental health (IECMH). With workforce development as the ultimate goal, the stakeholders focused on four essential subgoals:

  1. identifying and utilizing current mechanisms to finance IECMH services,
  2. exploring options to finance core IECMH services that are currently not reimbursable,
  3. expanding the workforce and supporting more effective messaging of IECMH to families and stakeholders, and
  4. holding a state summit to learn more about efforts to expand financing and access to IECMH services. The vignette also shares key lessons learned.

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