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What’s in Build Back Better for Babies?

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Summary of House Bill

The House is preparing to vote on passage of its version of the Build Back Better Act. Key provisions in the bill as of November 3, 2021 lay the foundation for the strong, comprehensive family policy our nation has lacked.


Child Care: Establishes Birth Through Five Child Care and Early Learning Entitlement Program (Authorized for 6 years)

  • During a 3-year ramp-up, provides states a total of $100 billion to expand subsidies, raise wages, and build supply and quality
  • Entitles all families with a child 0-5 and incomes up to 250% SMI who are participating in a range of eligible activities to assistance beginning October 1, 2024
  • Ensures no copay to families under 75% SMI; no family pays more than 7% of income
  • Pays eligible providers rates sufficient to provide quality services and increase compensation at a minimum to a living wage, with parity with similarly credentialed elementary educators
  • Builds quality through a tiered system and support for providers to progress; families must be able to choose provider at highest tier in 6 years

Pre-K: Provides entitlement funds for preschool for all 3- and – 4-year-olds on voluntary basis (Authorized for 6 years)

  • Provides states entitlement funding for universal, high-quality, free, inclusive, and mixed delivery preschool program following 3-year ramp up
  • Gives staff appropriate compensation, with parity with similarly credentialed elementary educators
  • Prioritizes expanding funding to areas of highest need


  • Permanently authorizes 4 weeks of comprehensive paid family and medical leave, starting 2024; progressive wage replacement structure; expanded family definition


  • Extends the enhanced Child Tax Credit in the American Rescue Plan Act through FY 22 ($3,600 per child annually for children under age 6; $3,000 for children ages 6-17)
  • Permanently extends refund of full credit to families with low or no earnings
  • Enhanced credit begins to phase out above $150,000 for joint filers, $112,500 for heads of household and $75,000 for all other filers


  • Allows states and Indian Tribal Organizations to provide Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer for WIC


  • Provides rental assistance and funding to improve public housing


  • In Medicaid and CHIP, extends 12 months of coverage to postpartum women and 12 months of continuous eligibility to children; permanently authorizes CHIP
  • Includes numerous provisions to improve maternal care and reduce maternal mortality
  • Provides $7 billion for lead remediation projects to improve drinking water

What’s in Build Back Better for Families


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