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Tracking Federal Professional Development and Higher Education Policy

Download Files Apr 20, 2016

The chart below provides a basic overview of the federal programs, as well as status updates on the authorizations of those programs by Congress.

There are a variety of federal programs which address the needs of young children and their families. This section of our web site tracks the federal government programs on professional development and higher education.

To track the funding of these programs through the annual Congressional appropriations process, download the PDF.

Federal Law Program Overview Authorization
Higher Education Authorizes the federal government’s major student aid programs, as well as other key programs such as those providing aid to special groups of higher education and institutions and support services to enable disadvantaged students to complete secondary school and enter and complete college (increase access to higher education). The act’s reauthorization includes provisions to build the capacity of our nation’s early childhood workforce, and to create economic incentives to enable early childhood providers to seek out training and professional development opportunities. Administered by the Department of Education. http://www.ed.gov/ Reauthorization expires in 2013.

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