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New Resources for States’ Infant and Toddler Early Learning Guidelines Webinar

Download Files Apr 21, 2010

This Policy Center/National Infant & Toddler Child Care Initiative webinar highlighted two new resources for states as they develop, implement, and revise Early Learning Guidelines for infants and toddlers.

Recommendations and Issues for Consideration when Writing or Revising Early Learning Guidelines

Catherine Scott-Little, Sharon Lynn Kagan, and Victoria Frelow (2010)
This document describes key decisions committees working on infant-toddler and/or preschool Early Learning Guidelines (ELG) should consider. ELG committees can use this document to help them plan how they will write and format their ELG document and/or as they refine or revise their guidelines. The resource suggests issues that should be decided, provides recommendation, and outlines other consideration to think about as decisions are made.

Putting Standards into Practice: States’ Use of Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers

This paper by the ZERO TO THREE Policy Center draws upon 2010 interviews with representatives of eight states on implementation and alignment of their Early Learning Guidelines (ELG) for infants and toddlers. It summarizes the status of guidelines in states and offers suggestions and examples related to disseminating and training on the ELG and embedding them into professional development and quality improvement systems. The paper provides definitions and examples of aligning the ELG for infants and toddlers both vertically, with guidelines for older children, and horizontally, with other parts of the infant-toddler system.

Infant/Toddler Early Learning Guidelines Implementation Toolkit

This toolkit, a joint project of the Policy Center and the National Infant & Toddler Child Care Initiative at ZERO TO THREE, assists states with strategic planning to support the implementation of Early Learning Guidelines for infants and toddlers. The planning process is designed to maximize involvement of stakeholders while minimizing face-to-face meeting requirements. The toolkit includes related resources and tools such as sample meeting agendas, power points, activity instructions, and planning templates. The process will result in a concrete plan for implementing Early Learning Guidelines for infants and toddlers in a state.

Download materials from the webinar below.

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