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State Baby Facts Toolkit

Download Files Apr 23, 2015

Learn how to use the State Baby Facts in your advocacy efforts.

Here are a few examples of ways that you can use State Baby Facts to impact infant-toddler policy in your state:

  • Contact your state and/or local media contacts and share your state’s fact sheet with them as background for writing a story about the needs of very young children in your state/community. See pgs. 6-7 for sample press materials.
  • Visit with your Members of Congress while they are home on recess this summer and provide them with the state fact sheet as a resource for policy development. (Click here to find your elected officials.)
  • Email your state legislators with the link to your state’s fact sheet as a way of starting the conversation about infant-toddler policy issues.
  • Use Twitter to share your state baby facts with state and federal policymakers. Tweet a fact from your state’s fact sheet using your state or federal policymaker’s Twitter handle. Use the sample tweets on pg. 4 and fill in your state information. Click to find Twitter handles for your Senators and Representative.
  • Share your state’s fact sheet in your organization’s newsletter, or send an email to your colleagues to spread the word. See pg. 5 for a sample newsletter and email communication.

Download the full toolkit to learn more.

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