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When a Military Parent of a Baby or Toddler Dies

Download Files May 10, 2010

Although your baby or toddler can’t understand the details of her parent’s death, or understand what it means to die, she is aware that something is happening. This handout provides advice advice for how to take care of yourself and your baby.

When a military parent of a baby or toddler dies, she is aware that something is happening. She is likely to notice differences, especially in her daily routine and in your behavior: your voice, your facial expressions, and your overall emotional state. These changes can leave her feeling uncertain or insecure. She looks to you for comfort and to help her understand and cope with her feelings at a time when you are also dealing with this terrible loss. That’s why it’s important for you to tune in to your own feelings and needs and to make sure you take care of them. This will in turn help you take care of your child.

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