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Bennett, Age 9 Months, Learning Confidence

May 19, 2010

Watch to see how Bennett delights in making splashes in the bathtub. What part does mom Rebecca play in making this a joyful time together?

To Think About:

What do you think Bennett is thinking and feeling based on his sounds and actions?

What do you think Bennett is learning from Rebecca’s participation in this activity?

What might Bennett be learning about himself during this interaction?

What the Experts Say About This Interaction

What Bennett does:

  • Shows utter delight in splashing.

  • When he gets water in his eyes, recovers by wiping his eyes.

  • Looks to mom to see her reaction. Her delight encourages Bennett to continue the game.

  • Begins to take turns. He splashes, waits for mom’s response, then splashes again. Learning how to be part of a “give and take” interaction is how young children learn to share.

What Rebecca does:

  • Helps Ben recover from getting water in his eyes by starting to splash again to get him interested in the activity again.

  • Rebecca’s pleasure in this game keeps Ben engaged and lets him know how lovable and fun he is.

  • By taking turns splashing back and forth, mom teaches Ben about taking turns and about the back-and-forth of conversation.

Think About How Your Child Is Learning These Skills

Think about how your baby is developing self-confidence through her everyday interactions with you:

  • How do you know when your child is feeling good about himself?

  • What kinds of activities or interactions make him feel confident?

  • What do you think makes him feel a lack of confidence? Why?

  • What can you do to help him feel better able to tackle this challenge?

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