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Gabby, Age 4 Months, Learning Literacy Skills

May 19, 2010

Watch Mark and Gabby looking at a book together. See how Gabby shows she is interested in this book.

To Think About:

What did you see Gabby doing?

How did Mark read and respond to Gabby’s actions and sounds?

What might Gabby be learning about books and reading as Mark reads aloud?

What the Experts Say About This Interaction

What Gabby does:

  • Moves her arms and legs excitedly to show her excitement

  • Uses lots of sounds to participate in the reading experience

  • Responds to her father when he asks her a question

  • Pays very close attention to Mark reading the book.

What Mark does:

  • Pauses as he reads to give Gabby a chance to respond with her own sounds. This lets her know her communications are important. It also teaches her about the back-and-forth of conversation.

  • Points to and names pictures in the book which helps Gabby begin to understand that words are labels for objects.

  • Makes the book reading experience enjoyable—building Gabby’s love of books.

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