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P-5 Cross-Sector Core Competencies Training Lessons

May 24, 2016

Learn more about the eight core competency domains covered in the P-5 Cross-Sector Core Competencies Training program.

Understanding Family-Centered Practice

This lesson describes family-centered practice, discusses a cross-sector approach to service delivery, and identifies how professionals’ culture can influence their work with families.

Supporting Early Childhood Development

This lesson describes indicators of healthy social-emotional development in infants and young children. It identifies strategies for supporting children’s healthy development and discusses protective and risk factors that can support or threaten healthy development.

The Importance of Relationship-Based Practice

This lesson focuses on the importance and characteristics of relationship-based practice, defines the parallel process in relationships, and identifies skills for building trusting relationships.

Recognizing Health and Developmental Protective and Risk Factors

This lesson describes protective and risk factors and identifies strategies to build on family strengths to promote resilience in young children and their families.

Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness

This lesson discusses the evidence base on culture and its impact on early development and identifies key understandings and strategies for implementing culturally and linguistically responsive practice.

Promoting Coordination and Collaboration Across Service Sectors

This lesson addresses the importance of early childhood professionals working together to support a common vision that all young children are healthy, ready to learn, and can reach their full potential.


This lesson explores leadership practices and the role of P-5 professionals in exercising leadership in a responsive early childhood service system to strengthen families and support positive developmental outcomes for young children.

Professional and Ethical Practices

This lesson explains the purpose of ethical codes, identifies common ethical dilemmas in P-5 service delivery, and describes a process for ethical decision making.

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