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P-5 Project Background

Download Files May 24, 2016

The Prenatal to Age 5 Project brought together leaders and practitioners from five service sectors that focus on children prenatally to age 5 and their families. Their charge: to identify core competencies for serving the prenatal to age 5 population.

The Problem

Professionals typically enter the field educated and trained in discipline-specific competencies. That specialization is further reinforced by work sector organizations and program-specific mandates, funding, and scope of practice. This is great for developing deep expertise. It’s not so great for meeting the comprehensive and holistic needs of expectant families and families with young children. Too often children and families find themselves caught in the gaps between sectors with needs unmet and hopes unrealized. The interests, needs, strengths, and hopes of expectant parents, very young children, and their families are bigger than the bounds of any one discipline or service sector.

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