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Aug 4, 2016

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The "Missing" First Year Sample Posts

Sample Tweets:

Join @ZEROTOTHREE as they dive into their Parent Survey results & focus on the “Missing” 1st Year. Twitterchat 8/9 12PM ET #ParentForward

What is the “Missing” First Year & why is it so important? Find out during @ZEROTOTHREE’s Twitterchat 8/9 12PM ET #ParentForward

When do babies begin to feel happy, sad or scared? Learn the facts during @ZEROTOTHREE’s Twitterchat 8/9 12PM ET #ParentForward

Can #homevisiting programs help locate the “Missing” 1st year? Find out during @ZEROTOTHREE’s chat 8/9 12PM ET #ParentForward

#PaidLeave is key to supporting babies’ 1st year of life! Join @ZEROTOTHREE to discuss “Missing” 1st yr 8/9 12PM ET #ParentForward

Quality #childcare = thriving babies! Join @ZEROTOTHREE 8/9 12PM ET to discuss the “Missing” 1st yr #ParentForward

How early are babies affected by early experiences? Share ur thoughts & learn facts during @ZEROTOTHREE’s Twitterchat 8/9 12PM ET #ParentForward

How early is baby’s brain development affected by violence/shouting? Find out during @ZEROTOTHREE’s Chat 8/9 12PM ET #ParentForward

When does the most rapid brain growth occur? Find out during @ZEROTOTHREE’s Twitterchat 8/9 12PM ET #ParentForward

Can babies be affected by parents’ mood? Find out more during @ZEROTOTHREE’s Twitterchat 8/9 12PM ET #ParentForward

ICYMI @ZEROTOTHREE is discussing the “Missing” First Year. Join the convo TODAY 8/9 12PM ET #ParentForward

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Parents have a general understanding that what happens in a child’s early years can last a lifetime, but many don’t realize just how young babies are when they can begin to feel complex emotions. @ZEROTOTHREE is holding a Twitterchat to discuss the “Missing” First Year! What does that mean and why does it matter? Join @ZEROTOTHREE on Tuesday, August 9 at 12 p.m. ET to find out. Hear from parents, early childhood professionals and advocates regarding common beliefs and misconceptions, ideas on how to address them and suggestions on how policy changes can help. Follow handle @ZEROTOTHREE and use hashtag #ParentForward.


How early can babies experience complex emotions like fear and sadness? Find out what parents from @ZEROTOTHREE’s National Parenting Survey say and what science-based research tells us. Follow handle @ZEROTOTHREE and use hashtag #ParentForward.



Join @ZEROTOTHREE on Twitter TODAY at 12 p.m. ET to learn how early babies are affected by the environment around them and what we as parents, caretakers and policymakers can do to ensure that all babies and toddlers have a strong start in life. Follow handle @ZEROTOTHREE and use hashtag #ParentForward.

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