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Top 5 Reasons We’re Grooving on Boomer Phelps’ Dad

Aug 12, 2016

As the Olympics showcase world-class athletes, we’re seeing how many of them are also dedicated parents. We’re loving the chance to watch Boomer interact with his gold medal-winning Dad, Michael Phelps.

Here are five ways that Boomer’s dad, and you, can support growth and development in everyday ways.

1. Boomer’s dad can help him learn to count using Olympic Gold Medals. He can also teach colors – bronze, silver and gold. Both of which are fun ways to support developing early math skills.

2. Physical play is a huge part of learning — and playing with his dad helps Boomer discover all the amazing things his body can do, like swim the 200m butterfly.

3. Like all humans, Boomer’s dad has to work at managing his own emotions – a technique that helps him in the pool and on the playground. Parents play an important role setting an example for their very young children on how to manage their own emotions.

4. In case he doesn’t know all the words to ‘Rock a Bye, Baby,’ Boomer’s dad has had a lot of practice singing the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’ Sharing songs with your child supports early language development and stimulates a young child’s imagination and creativity.

5. Boomer’s dad benefits from a strict training schedule to become the best he can be. Babies like Boomer can also benefit from repetition and routines, behaviors that support early learning and skill building.

*no Olympic medals to count? No problem! Cheerios, balls, books and buckets work too!

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