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Improving the Lives of Children in Foster Care: The Role of the Safe Babies Court Team Community Coordinator

Aug 12, 2016

Learn more about the ZERO TO THREE community coordinator, a position that is central to the success of the Safe Babies Court Teams.

In 2005, ZERO TO THREE launched our first Safe Babies Court Teams (SBCT). SBCT focus on how we can give each baby the best life possible. We do that through making specific changes to standard practices that meet the developmental needs of very young children, such as eliminating multiple caregiver changes after the child is moved out of the parents’ home. We also focus on recognizing the trauma that parents bring with them to the table. Domestic violence, depression, and substance abuse are all symptoms of desperately painful childhoods. We talk about the racism that has disproportionately identified families of color as needing child welfare system involvement. We try to help judges, lawyers, case workers, and service providers bring respect for families’ unique struggles into the judgments they make, the messages they communicate, and the decisions they reach about what is truly in the children’s best interests.

The ZERO TO THREE community coordinator is central to the success of SBCT. As any of our judges will tell you, their community coordinator is the engine that drives the changes—bringing in new partners, finding new services, welcoming parents, and generating the collaborative spirit that supports a change in how the community functions. Over the years our community coordinators have learned some important lessons:

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