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Ohio and Colorado Increase Investment in Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Sep 20, 2016

In an effort to promote healthy social and emotional development and school readiness among young children, Ohio and Colorado recently increased funding for early childhood mental health consultation.

Ohio is investing $9.1 million in the state’s Whole Child Matters: Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH) Initiative. The funding calls for the addition of up to 64 mental health consultants who will work with teachers, staff and families of at-risk children in early care and education settings. The state will also establish a centralized intake process and hire up to seven master trainers to oversee professional development services statewide. The Colorado legislature passed a supplemental budget request in January to double the state-funded ECMH consultation program from 17 to 34 consultants. Consultants are based out of the 17 Community Mental Health Centers across the state and provide services in the community, home, and early learning environment. The program focuses on developing and strengthening the social emotional skills of young children through timely screening and assessment, increasing the parent and the early learning provider’s ability to manage difficult behaviors, and connecting families to other community resources. Learn more about early childhood mental health on ZERO TO THREE’s website here.

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