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2016 Text4baby State Enrollment Contest State Winners: California, Oklahoma, and Delaware!

Oct 31, 2016

Text4baby’s 6th Annual State Enrollment Contest ran from June 5 to October 8, 2016. The State Enrollment Contest is a national competition that aims to empower pregnant women and new mothers with important health and safety information by encouraging them to enroll in Text4baby.

States competed in three distinct groups based on the overall distribution of 2014 live births with the goal of having states with similar numbers of estimated NEW pregnancies and NEW infants competing against each other. The large state category includes all states with live births in the upper quartile (highest 25%). The medium state category includes all states with live births in the middle 50%. The small state category includes all states with live births in the lower quartile (lowest 25%).

The states were ranked based on how many new users enrolled in Text4baby in each state during the contest period as a percentage of eligible moms.

Enrollment in Text4baby

State partners’ efforts focused on recruiting expectant and new mothers in their state during contest period. As a result of their outreach, California earned first place for the large group category, enrolling 26 per 1,000 estimated new pregnant women and moms, Oklahoma earned first place for the medium state group, enrolling 116 per 1,000 estimated new pregnant women and moms, and Delaware first place for the small state group, enrolling 36 per 1,000 estimated new pregnant women and moms into the service. During the contest period, a total of 10,093 new users enrolled in California, 4,276 new users enrolled in Oklahoma, and 273 new users enrolled in the Text4baby service in Delaware.

Winning State Promotional Activities during the Contest Period


California has been a tremendous supporter of Text4baby. The California Department of Public Health, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division has included Text4baby as part of their programmatic policy among all Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health (MCAH) local health jurisdictions. Text4baby has been institutionalized systematically across the state and has been a key outreach indicator to reach the MCAH population. To have the biggest impact, California implemented an innovative and sustainable strategy to enroll moms in Text4baby. Starting in February and continuing through the contest period, Medi-Cal beneficiaries in California received a text invitation to enroll in Text4baby. They reached moms in two ways: through an opt-in message from the state Medicaid agency or direct enrollment through the mom’s managed care organization (MCO). With a two-pronged approach, the state hoped to reach as many pregnant women and moms as possible and learned that text invitations are a successful way to reach this group. This represents the largest spike in enrollment in the history of Text4baby in California. Facebook advertisements were also placed in California as a way to reach more women where they are with information about the service and how they can sign up.


Oklahoma’s longevity continues to shine, clinching its third contest win in a row! Like last year, the state still maintains the highest rate of enrollment for Text4baby in the country. Oklahoma Health Care Authority innovated the approach of state-based enrollment via an opt-in text invitation. As a continued supporter, these text based invites to SoonerCare members ask families to opt-in and receive Text4baby messages. Through this highly cost-effective enrollment process and engaged and supportive state-wide partners, Oklahoma has strategically sustained high levels of enrollment and continues to reach many more moms and families in the state month by month. Since this process began, more than 16,653 SoonerCare members have opted to enroll through this process. Additionally, state partners have continued to reach moms with the service through a variety of media and advertisement outlets, during prenatal and pediatric appointments, in birthing hospitals, in WIC clinics, in faith-based organizations and through community outreach events. Sixty-five organizations in Oklahoma have partnered with Text4baby to help reach pregnant women and families with critical health and development information, including the OHCA, Oklahoma State Health Department, the George Kaiser Family Foundation, hospitals, and local health departments. Because of their great work, Text4baby and Soonercare have been recognized as an AMCHP Emerging Practice for Maternal and Child Health in their Innovation Station. Read more about it, here.


Delaware is no stranger to the tops of the ranks! They have won the Small State Category contest a few times over the years. Through the contest, the state held strong as one of the highest enrollment among others in the Small State Category. Led by the University of Delaware, Center for Disabilities Studies and the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, Delaware partners have done an effective job at sharing the service throughout the state. Their most recent success is attributed to United Healthcare’s participation in Connect4Heath, a free text messaging program to help families’ adopt healthy behaviors and receive preventive care. Text4baby is one of the services offered through Connect4health, and it is a great opportunity to educate more mothers about the service in connection with other mobile health resources moms. Contributing to our million mom milestone, Senator Carper (Senior U.S. Senator from Delaware) joined Text4baby’s celebration at a Press Event on Capitol Hill via video cast. See the video of his delightful words about how Text4baby is close to his heart and how it has been an important part to help the state compact infant mortality, here.

Special thanks to all of our Text4baby Outreach Partners in California, Oklahoma and Delaware. Without you we wouldn’t be able to reach as many moms and families with the service. Keep up the great work!

Congratulations again to all of our state winners!