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Oregon Develops Plan for Strengthening the Home Visiting System

Nov 7, 2016

Best Beginnings, the prenatal-to-three committee of Oregon’s Early Learning Council (ELC), developed a plan to strengthen the state’s home visiting system in 2016.

Best Beginnings’ work was driven by a budget note passed by the state legislature in 2015 focused on creating a more integrated home visiting system. As required by the budget note, the report makes recommendations in three key areas:

  1. Developing common outcomes that all state-funded home visiting programs could collect;
  2. Integrating the professional development system for home visiting with that for other early childhood professionals; and
  3. Identifying common data elements that could be collected as part of an initial screening to determine if families could benefit from home visiting services.

The report also includes a recommended implementation timeline as well as both fiscal and administrative considerations. The preliminary report was approved by the Early Learning Council and Oregon Health Policy Board in 2015.

Best Beginnings is charged with advising the ELC on the issues, challenges, successes and priorities related to serving at-risk families who are pregnant, and/or have children under three years old. One area of responsibility includes, but is not limited to, defining a set of core prenatal through age three priorities for the ELC. The Committee also continues to serve as the Advisory Committee to the Healthy Families Oregon program, as required by Healthy Families America and the standards for the program.

ZERO TO THREE provided technical assistance to Best Beginnings and other stakeholders in Oregon to identify and advance infant-toddler priorities through the Moving States Ahead for Infants and Toddlers project (2014-2016), funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Read this report, Advancing State Policies for Infants and Toddlers Lessons Learned From Three States, to learn more.

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