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The ZERO TO THREE Home Visiting Community Planning Tool

Download Files Feb 17, 2016

Learn about the successful components needed for successful home visiting services.

Early childhood home visiting has been shown to be an effective service delivery model for at-risk young children and their families. When establishing new home visiting programs or expanding existing services using an evidence-based home visiting model, communities should consider several factors in order to ensure high quality service delivery that is true to the intent of those who developed the model and that meets expressed community need.

Home visiting services are most successful when key components are integrated. These include the following:

  • A community that understands the program and supports its development
  • Program staff that are well-trained and supported through high-quality supervision
  • Strong administrative support
  • Ongoing evaluation of program implementation so that quality issues can be addressed in a timely manner
  • An environment where the need for the program is clearly understood and there is no duplication of efforts
  • A spirit of collaboration with other early childhood programs
  • Strong local leadership to nurture the development of the services

Download the full tool to discover how to successfully integrate these components. If your community uses this tool, ZERO TO THREE would like your feedback on its use, the process, and the results for your community.

Please share your experience with Barbara Gebhard at bgebhard@zerotothree.org.