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Eating and Feeding Disorder in the First Five Years of Life: Revising the Dc:0-3r Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood and Rational for the New DC:0-5 Proposed Critera

Download Files Mar 7, 2017

This article by Miri Keren addresses the process that the Diagnostic Classification Task Force in developing DC:0-5 undertook in reviewing major studies and reviews published in the last decade and reports and input from clinicians’ surveys in articulating eating disorders in DC:0-5.

The main change was in the naming of the category from Feeding Disorders to Eating Disorders. Another key change was the inclusion of a new disorder, Overeating Disorder. Two illustrative cases are described in the article and the proposed changes in this category are intended to encourage both clinicians and researchers to study these disorders in young children.

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