Video Permissions Request

Thank you for your interest in sharing the ZERO TO THREE videos!

As you may know, the Magic of Everyday Moments Videos are for sale in the ZERO TO THREE Bookstore as a DVD and as a digital download. If you buy either the DVD and/or the digital download, ZERO TO THREE grants you the following rights:

  1. Rights to play the DVD/digital downloads as-is for up to 500 staff members.
  2. Rights to play the DVD/digital downloads as-is for up to 500 families.
  3. Rights to play the DVD/digital downloads as-is for up to 500 students.
  4. Rights to include the DVD as resource in a physical library of materials.
  5. Rights to play the video as part of an online university/college course on a password protected site allowing only students access.
  6. Rights to place a link on your website to the videos on ZERO TO THREE’s website.
  7. Rights to share ZERO TO THREE’s Facebook posts with the videos on your Facebook page.

The following requests (and anything not listed above or below) require the written consent of ZERO TO THREE:

  1. Editing the videos in any way.
  2. Embedding the videos in trainings that you sell.
  3. Embedding the video in online university/college courses that are not secure (password protected and only accessible by students in the course).
  4. Placing the videos themselves on your website or Facebook page (versus linking to or sharing them from our page).
  5. Playing the DVD/digital downloads for any audience over 500 people.

If your request requires the written consent of ZERO TO THREE, or if your request is not listed here, please fill out the permissions form below.

Please fill out the form below to complete your request.

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