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Celebrating All The Moms Out There

Hey, Moms – We hear you on Mother’s Day and every day.

“Sweetie, it’s time to pick up your toys.”
“Please pick up your toys.”
“Pick. Up. Your. Toys. Right. NOW!”

Let’s face it: Being a mother sometimes means saying the same thing over and over again. And, as you endlessly repeat yourself to your infant or toddler, you may start to question yourself.

“Am I a good mom?”
“Why don’t other moms seem to have this problem?”
“Isn’t there a better way to get my little one to behave?”

This Mother’s Day, ZERO TO THREE wants to let all you moms out there know – We hear you and you’re not alone!

We got all kinds of insights from moms when we conducted our national Parent Survey, Tuning In: Parents of Young Children Tell Us What They Think, Know and Need. For instance…

Moms feel judged.

In fact, 90 percent of moms report feeling judged, and 46 percent of moms say they feel judged all the time or nearly all the time.

“If you discipline your kids, another parent might think that you’re being abusive. If you don’t discipline your kids then they’ll think you don’t care about your child.”
~ Mosetta, Dallas

“I go to restaurants and sometimes I have my kids screaming and that’s when you get looked at – people who just don’t understand or maybe forget how it was.”
~ Sandra, Dallas

Moms need and want support.

All parents want support when they feel overwhelmed or stressed, but half of parents aren’t getting it. While 40 percent of moms say they receive the help or support they need, 57 percent say they do not receive enough, or any at all.

“I just thought it was going to be like this TV show and it was great and everything was wonderful. I read the books. I felt super prepared and then reality hits. You are like, what the hell happened? None of that stuff is as it was planned. Things go wrong and things change.”
~ Candice, Chicago

“It’s easier when you have somebody else to help you than being by yourself the whole time because there are times you want to give up. What am I not doing right? What else can I do? You can only do so much by yourself.”
~ Evelyn, Chicago

Discipline is a challenge.

Parenting is hard and many moms agree that discipline is one of the toughest things they face. Over 60 percent of moms say one of their biggest challenges is managing their child when he or she misbehaves. And 64 percent of moms say determining the most effective way to discipline is another big challenge.

“We’ve lost our patience… he can push us really hard. We gave him a spanking and then he just laughs in our face. Well, this obviously doesn’t work. ‘What else can we do with you?’”
~ Laura, Chicago

“I’ve spanked my daughter before. It hurts. Every time I whoop her I cry; I go to the bathroom and cry. It just kills me.”
~ Roshondrea, Dallas

“I really don’t believe in spankings… But when they do something that’s just outrageous, taking anything away doesn’t work… Even though you’re supposed to step back, stop, wait a minute, talk about it later, sometimes you don’t… you just spank.”
~ Jasmine, Dallas

Even though it’s not easy, moms love being moms!

More 90 percent of moms tell us that being a parent is their greatest joy, and 67 percent say they feel as if their lives started when they became moms.

“Being a mom will forever change your life. The children will just melt your heart. There will be days that they cry and you want to cry with them… I love waking up with them. I love making breakfast with them. I love walking them to school. I love to know how their day went. I don’t enjoy doing laundry. I don’t enjoy picking up the toys, but I love all of the other stuff in between and that is the stuff that matters.”
~ Serena, Chicago

Happy Mother’s Day from ZERO TO THREE!