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Honoring Our Babies and Toddlers: A Guide for Caring Professionals

Download Files En español Feb 2, 2013

How to support young children affected by their Veteran family’s transition to civilian life, injury, or parental death.

This Professional Guide was created to help those working with veteran families understand the culture of the veteran, the unique challenges faced by veteran families, and the strategies that can be used to support their resilience.

As you will see, the little things you say and do really matter. When you genuinely listen, family members are less alone. When you reflect their strengths, there is hope. When you play a game of peek-a-boo or sing a silly song with a child, you remind families (and yourself) of the joy babies and toddlers feel and give. As you build trust with a Veteran’s family members, they are more likely to get the support and information they need to be more available to their babies and toddlers. The positive cycle continues.