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Development From 24 to 36 Months Old: New Skills Develop Through Play, Routines, and Relationships

Download Files Feb 18, 2016

Learn how to encourage your child's increasing independence and endless imagination through play, routine, and relationships. From "Magic of Everyday Moments—Series 2."

Two-year-olds often spend a lot of time in the world of pretend. When you watch your child and join in (while letting him be the director) you will learn a lot about what he is thinking and feeling. He may make up stories where he is the dad who goes to work and you are the child left at home or in child care. He may be the king who gets everything he wants!

There may be some big adjustments ahead for both of you, as well. You might be considering preschool. Learning to use the potty may be on the horizon. Perhaps there is a new baby coming into the picture. You may be concerned about how your toddler will adjust…or how you will handle two! These are all opportunities to help your child learn to cope with life’s changes.

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