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Grandparents Day is Here!

National Grandparents Day is on Sunday, September 9. Take time to honor and thank grandparents for all that they do.


Add your voice to the conversation! Use the hashtag #GrandparentsCare to thank grandparents for all that they do and talk about your experience sharing the care.

The role played by grandparents in the lives of young children is essential; now more than ever, grandparents are active role models in their grandkids lives!

Grandparents provide extra support for parents, another perspective (for parents and kids), and generally spoil grandkids through loving, positive relationships. And since positive relationships make a big difference in a child’s healthy development, ZERO TO THREE encourages everyone to take a moment to celebrate all the grandmas and grandpas out there!

Grandparents support parents. Maintaining all the benefits of being a grandparent and not jeopardizing the relationship between the parent and grandparent is important. ZERO TO THREE offers a few tools that can help establish good communication from day one.

When a grandparent is the main caretaker, it’s important to keep parenting strategies top of mind. Young children learn self-control through interactions with peers and guidance from parents, teachers, and other loving adults. Learn more about helping grandchildren learn and develop self-control.

There’s something especially precious about a sleeping baby and grandparents are often experts at getting grandbabies into this peaceful state. However, there have been a few very important changes over the past 20 years around safe sleep for babies that are important to keep in mind when caring for a grandbaby.

As caregivers, grandparents can keep key learning milestones in mind so that if there are any problems they’re identified early. ZERO TO THREE offers a series of age-based handouts that can help.

Grandparents provide a new perspective. Young children thrive on routine and they can especially enjoy participating in family traditions. Check out a few tips on how grandparents can include young children in family traditions.

Grandparents offer loving relationships. Being a grandparent often means enjoying fun with the little ones. Help nurture development at the same time by focusing on activities and play ideas that support early learning for infants and toddlers.

Here’s to all the grandparents out there – today and every day! Thank you for all that you do!

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