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Opioids: Dealing Pain and Despair

The work of the Safe Babies Court Teams (SBCT) is focused on families whose infants and toddlers are in foster care. More than 80% of the parents are struggling with substances of addiction including opioids. Despair goes hand in hand with their addiction.

by Lucy Hudson, Director, Safe Babies Court Teams Project, ZERO TO THREE

The Opioid Crisis has received a great amount of attention from the press. It is a rare news day when there isn’t at least one story about it. Overdose deaths are dramatic events that shock and sadden whole communities, especially when the victim is the captain of the town’s high school football team or the lawyer who prepared your will. Due to the high number of deaths from overdose, government at all levels is making attempts to save lives through outreach campaigns, the ready availability of naloxone (a prescription medicine that blocks the effects of opioids and reverses an overdose), training for first responders, innovative treatment approaches such as that offered to teens by their pediatricians, and an increased willingness to see addiction as the medical disorder it is.

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