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Think Your Kids Have Olympic-Level Sibling Rivalry? Check Out the Brandt Sisters!

Feb 13, 2018

Sibling rivalry happens. Many parents with more than one child have to deal with it. For years at ZERO TO THREE, we’ve heard from parents worried about sibling rivalry. That’s why we’re so intrigued by the story of two talented sisters from Minnesota, Marissa and Hannah Brandt.

National news outlets– including ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News – can’t get enough of this special sibling story. There’s so much to love about it! Greg and Robin Brandt adopted 4-month-old South Korean-born Marissa, and found out they were expecting Hannah just a few months later. By all accounts, the girls have been inseparable ever since… until now.

Hannah and Marissa are now competing on different women’s hockey teams in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang! Hannah is representing the U.S., while Marissa is skating with the South Korean team. Of course, despite wearing different jerseys, the girls still have each other’s backs. They’ve been enjoying their time in PyeongChang together and we get to enjoy watching each of them go for gold.

It’s unlikely the Brandt sisters will have to face each other on Olympic ice, which is great news for their parents. While we wish both Brandt Olympians the best of luck, parents facing sibling rivalry need more than luck to help their little ones through it.

It can be super exciting for a little one to suddenly become the “big” sister or brother. But, it can also be challenging. “Why does mom have to feed the baby when I want her to read me a book? Why is dad holding the baby instead of playing with me? And why does the baby cry all night?”

From dealing with signs of regression to managing your own expectations on how your older child will react, we have some tips that can help! Check out our resource, “When Is He Going Back In Your Belly?” How to Help Older Siblings Adjust to the New Baby.

Parents, have you had to deal with your own Olympic-level sibling rivalry? Share your story with us at or tweet to @zerotothree and let other parents know they’re not alone!

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