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Think Babies™ Paid Family Leave Resource List

Mar 9, 2018

Parents of infants and toddlers need access to paid family leave that provides full or partial replacement of wages after birth or adoption. This annotated resource list includes a range of materials, such as policy briefs, fact sheets, websites and tools, to help stakeholders learn about the issue.


Paid Family Leave Advocacy Toolkit, ZERO TO THREE, February 2018 – This toolkit provides a fact sheet and sample advocacy materials, including talking points, social media graphics and op-eds, to help advocates increase support for paid family leave.

The Child Development Case for a National Paid Family and Medical Leave Program, ZERO TO THREE and National Partnership, January 2017 – This brief discusses the benefits of paid family leave for children and families. Although it focuses on the need for a national program, the research cited could be helpful in campaigns for state action.

Paid Leave: A Critical Support for Infants and Toddlers, and Families, ZERO TO THREE and CLASP, 2017 – This paper is part of a series describing 13 policies core to advancing infant-toddler well-being in four essential areas: high quality early care and education opportunities; strong parents; economically stable families; and healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy parents. It discusses the importance of paid family and medical leave and paid sick leave for young children’s healthy development.

Paid Leave is a Must for Hard Working Families, ZERO TO THREE, August 2017 – This article discusses the need for paid family leave and includes a paid leave checklist outlining the core principles that a comprehensive program must include.

The Child Development Case for Paid Family Leave Insurance in New York, ZERO TO THREE, National Partnership for Women and Families, New York Paid Family Leave Insurance Campaign, March 2015 – This fact sheet was created to make the child development case for New York state’s enactment of paid family leave. Advocates successfully used it to secure passage of New York’s paid family leave law in 2016.

State Initiative articles about state paid family leave laws – ZERO TO THREE’s State Initiatives is a collection of articles highlighting innovative actions states have taken to improve well-being for infants and toddlers.

Additional Resources

Support Paid Leave website – This website hosted by the National Partnership for Women and Families for the FAMILY Act coalition includes a robust collection of resources from coalition partners, including fact sheets, multimedia, testimonials, tool-kits, reports, state-based studies and advocacy materials.

State Paid Leave Map, National Partnership for Women and Families, 2018 – This interactive map takes users to state fact sheets describing how a lack of paid family and medical leave is causing people to experience conflicts between their jobs and their families.

State Paid Family Leave Insurance Laws, National Partnership for Women and Children, July 2017 – This chart compares details of state paid family leave laws, including benefit amounts, definitions of family members, eligibility requirements and funding.

Paid Family Leave: How Much Time is Enough, New America, June 2017 – This paper examines research to determine how the length of paid family leave impacts four areas: infant and child health and well-being, maternal health and well-being, gender equality, and business and the economy.

Paid Family Leave in the United States: Time for a New National Policy, Urban Institute, May 2017 – This brief discusses how the current patchwork of public and private paid leave policies fail to meet the needs of working mothers and outlines implementation choices that must be made as policymakers consider plans for a national paid leave policy.

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