Professional Resource

Core Content of the Fellowship

Developing and implementing actions to advance a Vision for Change is the centerpiece of the fellowship experience.

The purpose of this fellowship is to address important program, system, or policy issues in your professional context that directly affect very young children and their families. The core content is designed to empower Fellows to be innovative, thoughtful, and collaborative partners in advancing change to “move the needle” on a critical issue. The Fellowship curricula will be supported through readings, individualized coaching, expert consultants, webinars, monthly conference calls, retreat activities, and other fellowship opportunities. Areas of foci include:

  • Adaptive leadership/self-awareness/reflective practice
  • Collective impact through multidisciplinary/cross-sector collaboration and partnership
  • Infant/early childhood mental and behavioral health
  • Parent engagement and support
  • Local/state/federal public policy and advocacy
  • Multimedia communication and message framing
  • Diversity, inclusion, and social justice