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Five Celebrities Who We Know #ThinkBabies

May 7, 2018

These celebrity parents get that building a better future starts with babies!

ZERO TO THREE created the Think Babies™ campaign to make the potential of every baby a national priority. Early experiences shape how a baby’s brain develops, laying the foundation for future learning, behavior, health and success throughout life. On May 8, children and families from all 50 states and D.C. will descend on the nation’s capital for the second annual for Strolling Thunder. They will meet their Members of Congress to share what babies and families need to thrive:

  • Quality, affordable child care
  • Time for parents to bond with their babies
  • Healthy emotional development
  • Strong physical health and nutrition

These celebrity parents prove they understand what babies need to reach their full potential, and we wish they could join us for Strolling Thunder to help spread the #ThinkBabies message.

1. Serena Williams

As a new mom, Serena has been vocal about how fortunate she is to have bonding time with Alexis Olympia. She has even been quoted saying she won’t leave her baby (not even for a day) until she’s 18! We hear you Serena. Parenting is one of the most important jobs we have, and all babies need time to build loving bonds with their parents.

2. Chrissy Teigen

In the age of photo filters and social media, it’s refreshing that Chrissy uses her platform to tell it like it is! Thank you, Chrissy, for shining a light on what real parenting looks like. Missteps are a natural part of parenting. What truly matters is having the time to build a loving bond with your baby and model healthy emotional behaviors.

3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Even this actor/wrestler/producer calls fatherhood the most important job of his life. On his Instagram page, he shared, “Your crazy dad has many responsibilities and wears many hats in this big ol’ world, but being your dad will always be the one I’m most proud to wear.” More dads today understand the importance of fatherhood, and our babies are better off for it.

4. Nate Berkus

Because this photo is everything! Nate went on his blog to declare that every parent is an ally. “Now that I’m a parent, I feel especially connected to other dads and moms on a different level. Knowing that we all have the same hopes and dreams and fears, that we basically all understand 80% of what’s running through each other’s head on a daily basis: that’s comforting.” Our National Parent Survey revealed that almost half of parents (48%) report not feeling supported as a parent during stressful times. Our Think Babies campaign is about getting policymakers to engage in bringing support to families and their babies.

5. Jimmy Kimmel

Like each one of the parents and babies flying into DC this week for Strolling Thunder™, Jimmy understands that we can’t ensure the well-being of our babies if we don’t advocate for them. “If your baby is going to die, and it doesn’t have to, it shouldn’t matter how much money you make … we all agree on that, right?” Everything babies need – affordable child care, time to bond with their parents, healthy emotional development, strong health and nutrition – is in the hands of Congress. It’s time for Congress to put the needs of their littlest constituents first, and Think Babies™!

It’s Time to #ThinkBabies

If we had our druthers, Serena, The Rock, Chrissy, Nate, Jimmy and many more celebrity parents would be strolling with us and bringing the thunder for this exciting and critical moment in time to #ThinkBabies. These celebrities are an inspiration to so many people around the world as loving parents, as talented professionals and as passionate champions for positive living. Thank you!

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