Advocacy Tool

Stop Separating Families Social Media Toolkit

Jun 15, 2018

Join us in telling the federal government to stop separating babies and their families! Use these social media posts and graphics to voice your concerns for the short- and long-term well-being of affected infants and toddlers.

Sample Posts

Copy and paste the bullets below into your social media post.

  • Young children are PROFOUNDLY affected by experiences in the first years of life. Traumatically removing immigrant children from families completely disregards the devastating developmental consequences! #StopSeparatingFamilies
  • News reports may be confusing, but the science is clear: Removing children from their families at the border is profoundly traumatic & has devastating impacts on babies. #StopSeparatingFamilies
  • 3 ways YOU can help the children being separated from their families at the U.S. border: 1. Tweet at the administration. 2. Ask your Members of Congress to act. 3. Engage your networks. Find details here: #StopSeparatingFamilies

Social Graphics

Click to enlarge each graphic and then save them to your device. Add them to your social posts to bring more attention to your message.

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