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The Grand Plan: Grandparent Films

Sep 25, 2018

Grandparents are out there, providing contributions of love, time and effort in families of every description. These are their stories.

Meet three amazing families. Each short film you see here profiles a family where grandparents are providing regular child care—to allow parents to work, attend classes, or play a more active role in the community. The circumstances are different from family to family. But the challenges they face, the gratitude they feel, and the support they’d find helpful are remarkably similar. Watch the videos below and browse our collection of resources for grandparents.

Carrying on a Family Tradition

Jessica and Ben juggle two careers and a two-year-old with a big assist from his mom Nancy and her dad Ed.

Room for One More

Grandpa Jose, Sr., joins his son Jose, Jr., daughter-in-law Patty, and grandsons Matthew and Joshua in their small apartment, with unexpected benefits for all.

Mom, Grandma, and Me

Grandma Althea provides her daughter Mollie and grandson Etan with a secure base for a fresh start.

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