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The Growing Brain From Birth to 5 Years Old: A Curriculum – Participant Manual

This innovative Participant Manual supports its companion publication The Growing Brain From Birth to 5 Years Old: A Training Curriculum for Early Childhood Professionals. It addresses the same vital areas covered by the curriculum in a comprehensive easy-to-use page by page approach: the structure and function of the brain; factors and experiences that can harm the growing brain; and the connections between the brain, language development, and sensory functioning.

The Participant Manual greatly enhances participants’ experience and understanding of The Growing Brain as an interactive curriculum: it is a fully designed and functional workbook for learners to express and exchange ideas together.

Using both group review and individual responses, the Participant Manual develops skills and strategies for: 1) Teaching early childhood providers about brain development (architecture and neurobiology) to inform their practice 2) Supporting language, cognition, prosocial behavior, and social-emotional development 3) Reducing toxic stress that can negatively influence brain development of very young children.

Pages: 196

  • Author

    Aidan H. Bohlander

    Manager, Outreach & Product, National Infant-Toddler Court Program (ITCP)

  • Author

    Claire Lerner


  • Author

    Ross A. Thompson

    Distinguished Professor of Psychology

    University of California Davis

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