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Home Visitors, Parent Educators, and Family Services Professionals: Critical Resources for Parents and Families

Download Files Oct 16, 2018

ZERO TO THREE’s recent parent survey, Millennial Connections, explores how parents acquire information about parenting, what topics they want to know more about, and what sources they trust. Here’s what we learned about information provided by home visitors, parent educators, and other professionals.

In the spring of 2018, ZERO TO THREE and its partners commissioned a national survey of parents and primary caregivers of children age five or younger to gather insights on:

  • The most trusted information sources parents turn to when they have questions about parenting,
  • the topics that motivate parents to seek information,
  • and the approaches organizations can take to increase the trust parents have in information provided.

Parents who had used home visiting, parent educators, or government programs as a source of information had a high level of trust in the information shared by these professionals. Download the full brief to learn more about the topics millennial parents would like to learn more about.

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