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Telling the story of America’s babies is more important than ever. Last year, the inaugural State of Babies Yearbook: 2019 revealed that the state where a baby is born makes a big difference in their chance for a strong start in life. New data this year shows that even among states with high averages, significant disparities exist in the opportunities available to babies of color to thrive, as well as those in families with low-income, and in urban or rural areas. Now as our country faces an unprecedented crisis, policymakers and advocates can use the data to identify and advance policies that produce the near-term support and long-term stability that babies and families need.

The Latest

Advocates from across the nation came together to present practical applications of State of Babies Yearbook findings in their work. Take a closer look:

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2020 Virtual Release

This year’s virtual release took place on June 11, 2020. ZERO TO THREE’s Chief Policy Officer Myra Jones-Taylor, CEO of Robin Hood Wes Moore, and families from across the nation came together to discuss the importance of Good Health, Strong Families, and Positive Learning Experiences—three key impact areas from the State of Babies Yearbook. Check out the video below:

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