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Take Action for Babies at the Border

Here are three ways to Be a Big Voice for Little Kids experiencing trauma at the border.

With reports of babies and toddlers being held in detention at our southern border and in facilities around the country, often separated from their families and under grossly inadequate care, ZERO TO THREE and our partners stand in strong, informed opposition to any practice that causes trauma to children.

While we continue to demand transparency from the Administration and Congress and work toward solutions that stop any practice that harms young children, one thing is clear: babies and toddlers at the border are suffering from trauma right now, risking lifelong impact to their development.

Every second we delay is a million neural connections undermined in a baby’s brain. As advocates for children and families, we must act on behalf of babies at the border immediately. Learn more about ZERO TO THREE’s Priorities for Babies at the Border.

Have 1 minute to take action?

Alert your networks to take action on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter using the post and GIF below:

We cannot ignore the trauma happening to #babies at the border. Every second matters to their future. Join me in taking urgent action to stop policies & practices that harm children: zerotothree.org/border-action #FamiliesBelongTogether

Take Action

Have 5 minutes to take action?

signSign the petition to Stand for Children, America, organized by Chandra Ghosh Ippen, Ph.D., ZERO TO THREE Board Member.

Have 10 minutes to take action?

congress Contact your Members of Congress
today to let them know that urgent action is needed.

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