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Focusing on Relationships—An Effort That Pays by Maria Seymour St John

Jul 29, 2019

Parent–Child Relationship Competencies-Based Assessment, Treatment Planning, Documentation, and Billing

ZERO TO THREE’s newly released publication is an indispensable tool for all mental health professionals who work with infants and toddlers and their families.

Developed by licensed clinical family therapist Maria Seymour St. John, the Parent–Child Relationship Competencies (PCRCs) are a set of capacities that emerge spontaneously under ordinary circumstances, but which may be strained, impaired, or absent when something is wrong. PCRC-focused clinical assessment offers a clear path to relationship-based case formulation, treatment planning, documentation, and billing that readily conforms with the requirements of standard systems of care.

[B]eautifully written and brilliantly conceived. It has needed to be written and it is here.

Jeree H. Pawl, PhD

Focusing on Relationships—An Effort That Pays outlines how early childhood professionals can document the nuanced reality of relationship-based intervention.

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