What do we want? Babies at SXSW! đź“Ł

Aug 19, 2019

Help babies show up at SXSW 2020!

Pick our panels for South by Southwest (SXSW) and SXSW EDU 2020! Vote today to help ZERO TO THREE showcase early childhood issues at SXSW next March. We can’t participate – and make sure babies’ voices are represented – without your vote! Hurry, voting closes August 23.

Take two minutes to help:

  1. Join the SXSW voting panel.
  2. Vote on our two panels below by clicking the “Vote Up” button on each webpage.

Babies Don’t Have Bootstraps: Brain science shows that there is no time in life more important than ages 0-3. Yet, we fail to recognize child welfare as a public health issue while encouraging people to lift themselves up by their bootstraps. But, what does this mean for babies?

Stressed? Try Mindfulness for Early Educators: When we work with young children, how we are is as important as what we do. How can we stay calm and attuned when we are feeling strong emotions too? This hands-on session offers practice with three brief, classroom-friendly, mindfulness-based strategies for early childhood professionals.

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