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Grandparents: Tip-a-Day

Sunday, September 8, is Grandparent’s Day. To celebrate, ZERO TO THREE is offering tips for caring for little ones, one for each day of the month

Sunday, September 1
Did you know? 1 out of every 4 kids under 5 is cared for by a grandparent while parents work or go to school. It’s a big job—one that 94% of grandparents love! In honor of grandparents everywhere, @ZEROTOTHREE’s offering a tip each day for making that job easier:

Monday, September 2
It’s not weird to disagree with your adult children about caregiving issues for grandchildren. About half the grandparents we surveyed reported disagreements with their adult children over issues like discipline, mealtimes, sleep, and screen time. For more info, see @ZEROTOTHREE’s tips on sharing the care:

Tuesday, September 3
It’s Tantrum Tuesday. If you’re caring for a 2- or 3-year-old, you’ve probably seen your share. The good news is that tantrums are a sign of normal development. The bad news is there’s no avoiding them. We’ll talk about tantrums every Tuesday for the rest of the month. For help ASAP, read more here from @ZEROTOTHREE:

Wednesday, September 4
If your two-year-old grandchild refuses to share, take heart! This ability doesn’t develop until between 3 ½ and 4 years old. Here’s why, and what you can do from @ZEROTOTHREE between now and then to support this new skill:

Thursday, September 5
Managing behavior can be a challenge, but spanking teaches all the wrong lessons. And it can lead to increased aggression by the time kids reach school age. Nearly 9 out of 10 grandparents we surveyed say they don’t spank or hit their grandkids: Excellent news from @ZEROTOTHREE!

Friday, September 6
Have trouble communicating with your grandchild’s parent about tricky issues like naps and mealtimes? Totally normal. About half the grandparents we surveyed said “my house, my rules.” The other half said they do their best to follow parents’ rules. Check out @ZEROTOTHREE’s tool on talking through these challenges:

Saturday, September 7
Know the A, B, Cs of safe sleep:

Babies under a year old should sleep Alone (no crib bumpers, blankets, stuffed animals), near but not with adults. To reduce the risk of SIDS, put babies to sleep on their Backs, in their Cribs. For more about the latest research and recommendations, visit The Grandparent Guide: v/ @ZEROTOTHREE

Sunday, September 8
Happy #GrandparentsDay! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your little one. Post a pic of you and your grandchild to celebrate the special bond you share!

Monday, September 9
Grandparents make magic in the everyday moments they share with grandchildren. Visiting the neighborhood market. Splashing through puddles. Making a family recipe together. Check out @ZEROTOTHREE’s collection of picture books that celebrate the moments you share with your grandchild:

Tuesday, September 10
It’s Tantrum Tuesday. When meltdowns happen, you can make a difference. Check out our resources for seeing tantrums as learning opportunities for your grandkids. Though you may not see results today, you’re laying the groundwork for a tantrum-free future: v/ @ZEROTOTHREE

Wednesday, September 11
Your grandbaby’s not sleeping, and neither are his parents. You recognize the symptoms because you’ve been there yourself: stress, anxiety, and a serious need for a nap. What can you do? First, reassure parents this won’t last forever: v/ @ZEROTOTHREE

Thursday, September 12
Your grandchild’s parents may have mentioned sleep training, which may not have been a “thing” when your kids were growing up. Check out @ZEROTOTHREE’s article on “*Helping Babies Learn to Fall Asleep On Their Own for a summary of the latest research:

Friday, September 13
Happy Friday, the 13th! It’s the perfect day to talk about common childhood fears — of the dark, the doctor, and even the vacuum: :

Many toddlers are also afraid of masks and costumes! Be sure to check out our advice about Halloween and learn how make it easier for your grandkids to get into the holiday spirit: v/ @ZEROTOTHREE

Saturday, September 14
Whether you’re a parent or a grandparent, car seats can be complicated! A 2003 study found more than seven in ten child restraint systems were being used incorrectly. For expert tips on getting it right, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Sunday, September 15
Play is how little kids learn about the world. Our friends at Vroom have ideas for using play to build your grandchild’s brain. Check out their tips and sign up for their app:

Monday, September 16 You’re number one! Literally. In @ZEROTOTHREE’s 2018 Millennial Connections survey, immediate family members edged out pediatricians as parents’ top choice for parenting and child development advice. Need to brush up on the latest parenting tips? @ZEROTOTHREE has everything you need:

Tuesday, September 17
It’s Tantrum Tuesday. Grandparents report that managing tantrums is one of their biggest challenges. You are not alone. The key? Remain calm. An angry adult can’t calm an angry child. For practical tips on finding your peaceful place, check out @ZEROTOTHREE’s calm-down-quick strategies:

Wednesday, September 18
Your little love bug has turned clingy—wanting only his mom or his dad. Take heart, it’s perfectly normal behavior for little ones. Check out @ZEROTOTHREE’s resources on developmental stages:

Thursday, September 19
Got math? Talking to your grandbaby about numbers, sizes and more gives her the tools she needs to succeed in math once she reaches school age. No flash cards needed. No special training required. You can start in the grocery store: v/ @ZEROTOTHREE

Friday, September 20
Grandparents are often a steady presence in a grandchild’s life when there are a lot of life changes going on. One adult we know remembers his grandma’s kitchen table as a safe space when his parents were separating. Here’s @ZEROTOTHREE’s advice on a grandparent’s role when parents divorce:

Saturday, September 21
Little ones thrive on routine and love to be part of family traditions. Make your favorite recipe together or sing the lullaby your mom or dad sang to you. Find more tips on celebrating time-honored traditions (or starting new ones!) v/ @ZEROTOTHREE:

Sunday, September 22
Grandparents are great at slowing down and exploring what interests a child: a bug on a blade of grass, a squirrel chattering in a tree, fluffy clouds drifting by. If you need more ideas for exploring the world with your grandchild, our friends at Vroom have tons of tips:

Monday, September 23
Caring for a picky eater? Join the club! Children may need to try a new food 10 to 15 times before they try it. Your example helps. If you think tomatoes are tasty and yams are yummy, your grandchild is more likely to give them a try: v/ @ZEROTOTHREE

Tuesday, September 24
It’s Tantrum Tuesday. Understanding brain development can help you cope with challenging child behavior. By 18 months, kids have definite ideas about what they want. But they have few words to describe their feelings. And self-control doesn’t begin to develop until 3 ½ to 4 years old: v/ @ZEROTOTHREE

Wednesday, September 25
Pretending and exploring. Talking about what you’re seeing and doing. Asking and answering questions—so many questions! No matter how much the world changes, some parenting advice remains the same! See Making the Most of Everyday Moments v/ @ZEROTOTHREE:

Thursday, September 26
Grandparent caregivers have a chance to witness many of their grandchild’s magical milestones. But this up-close view may also mean that you’re often the first to notice developmental delays. Check out our recommendations for concerned grandparents who are watching and wondering if everything’s OK: v/ @ZEROTOTHREE

Friday, September 27
4 in 10 grandparents in our Grand Plan survey agree new research about child development can help them do a better job caring for their grandchildren. If you’re in that curious group, take a look at What’s New? What’s the Same? to see what’s changed in the last few decades: v/ @ZEROTOTHREE

Saturday, September 28
Need to connect with grandkids across the miles? For tips on making video chats the next best thing to being there, see @ZEROTOTHREE’s advice on video chatting with young children:

Sunday, September 29
Remember the advice about turning off the TV when little kids are around? Still applies. Same for small screens and tablets. If you’re overwhelmed by technology (or setting limits on media use), see @ZEROTOTHREE’s tips for how to cope:

Monday, September 30
We celebrate grandparents who share in the care of grandkids. You lighten parents’ loads. You make your little ones’ lives so much richer. You help build stronger families and communities. We see you. We hear you. We salute you. Don’t miss @ZEROTOTHREE’s celebratory grandparenting short films:

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