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Children under age 5 are the age group most likely to enter foster care, with children under the age of 1 representing nearly 20 percent of all children removed from their parents’ care due to maltreatment. When that happens, those children are often placed in a child welfare system that is harmful to their development.

ZERO TO THREE works at the intersection of the child welfare and military communities to provide support and resources to professionals interacting with military families with infants and toddlers in the child welfare system. These materials address and provide tools for meeting the specific needs of military families.

Putting the Science of Early Childhood to Work in the Courtroom: A Series for Judges and Attorneys

ZERO TO THREE is pleased to share this e-Learning resource to support enhanced practice with very young children and their families in child abuse and neglect cases: Putting the Science of Early Childhood to Work in the Courtroom: A Series for Judges and Attorneys.

These high-quality, interactive online learning modules bring the law, science, and evidence-based practice together into one highly accessible and engaging resource for the busy legal professional—providing judges and attorneys with the information and strategies they need to secure a bright future for the young children who come before the court.

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Supporting Military Families With Infants and Toddlers in the Child Welfare System

Support for military families with very young children in child welfare has to be approached with sensitivity and be a very well thought out process. This resource outlines resources and best practices, including information about partnering with Family Advocacy Programs on the installations in your community. Collaborating with Family Advocacy professionals is a great way to begin sharing resources, strengthening partnerships, and supporting these families.

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Questions Every Judge and Lawyer Should Ask About Infants and Toddlers in the Child Welfare System

This bench card provides a framework for ensuring child well-being in child welfare by asking the the right questions about an infant or toddler’s physical health, developmental health, mental health, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, exposure to domestic violence, trauma and parenting, family time, educational/child care setting, and placement.

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